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You will be able to purchase a Vital - Connect Service Level of your choice on April 15, 2019.


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Vital-Connect Bring My Own Device Mobile Telephone Service

How Do I Get Started?

1. Go to the Purchase Services Tab.

2. Select the Buy My Service Now Button.

3. Choose Your Service Level Basic , Standard or Premium.

4. Provide Us With Your Mailing Address and Pay Your Set Up Fee.

5. Your Sim Card Will Arrive In Two Days.

6. Upon Arrival of Your Vital-Connect User ID#, Sim Card and Service Activitation Information Use the Link Provided to Submit The Required Information Electronically or Give Us a Call 229-262-4400 for Assistance.

7. If You Choose to Get a New Number Your Service Will Be Activated Within 2-4 Hours.

8. If You Choose to Transfer Your Current Number Your Service Will Be Activated Within 3 Days.

9. You Will Receive Your First Invoice 25 Days After Activation.

10. Your First Invoice Is Due 30 Days After Activation.

11. You Have a 5 Day "Grace Period" To Make Your Payment Prior to Suspension of Your Service.

12. If Your Service Is Suspended You Can Make Your Payment Online and Your Service Will Be Restarted When Your Payment Clears Our Payment Service.

13. You Can Call Us to Make a Payment to Have Your Service Restarted. You Can Reach Us At 229-262-4400.

14. If Your Service Is Suspended Your Rewards Program Benefits Will Be Suspended Until Payment Is Received and Clears Our Payment Service.



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