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What Is TheVItalPortal ? 

The Vital Portal aggregates the following technologies:

•Internet services; web hosting, email, content management, productivity applications, e-commerce. 

•Media Services; live and recorded linear television, video on demand, streaming live events and recorded video, podcasts. 

•Network Services; private Internet connectivity, cloud storage, cloud application support, cybersecurity, data center services. 

•Telecommunication services; mobile telephone devices and service, Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone, Wireless Internet connectivity, fiber optic Internet connectivity. 

IPTV , OTT, VOD, SOD the alphabet soup of TV acronyms are seemingly endless. The names of TV sets, devices and apps are numerous; Roku, Pluto, Prime, LG, Samsung, Vizio and, now here comes MyVitalTV. 

What's different? We only do HD and 4K. We provide our own Audio and Video content. MyVitalTV has a line up of original content not reruns and oldies.

We have your national  channels, but we give you great prices with channels bundled by content. For instance, a basic package of local channels, then you can choose  a bundle of news channels, or lifestyle, or sports, ente
rtainment and premiums. The choices and combinations are yours.

We have live and recorded events, video on demand featuring films and series from festivals before they hit the theaters, we have Video on Demand box office features, and MyVitalTV Originals.

We are proud to announce, the first of hopefully several MyVitalTV Premium Networks,  The BronzeLens Network, a partnership with the Atlanta, Georgia based BronzeLens Film Festival. Stay tuned there's more to come. 

In 2009 we used Liferay and Zimbra to develop our Vital ToolBox Concept. The Vital ToolBox included, a portal, email, calendar, contacts, online storage, task management the Vital ToolBox evolved into TheVitalPortal. 

The 2020 version is grounded in the Liferay and Zimbra apps, with the added features of, multi-domain web site and email support, chat, video conferencing, Customer Relationship Management, Litigation and Archiving support, and one-click disaster recovery. But we did not stop there. 

The Vital Business Portal has work flow management, branded e-commerce, sales and marketing management, video slideshow production, customer service, technical support and VoIP applications.

All of the tools you need to run your business are included. The Vital Business Portal allows you to create, build and host your own business ecosystem of unlimited web sites with unlimited end users.

The Vital Personal Portal has all of the core tools of the Business Portal yet the tools are scaled for micro and home
based businesses.

We know all work and no play make home life a dull space.

So we give our Vital Personal Portal users dynamic bandwidth for gaming, virtual reality apps, and TV anytime anywhere on any device.

But wait there is more, we have embedded distance learning resources, making STEM and American History content available on demand.

In 2021 the doors will open for TheVitalLibrary (c) our original and licensed content Platform as a Services to support the new distance learning reality.