Business Development and Capital Solicitation


Business Development and Capital Solicitation Update 8-13-2021

We had an introductory call with Wolf Halton of Vital, Ricky Trotter of SBA Communications, and Kelly Mallory of Uniti Fiber regarding location, security, and network design. Wolf will handle discussions directly and then report to myself, Jordan and Margaret. The results of these discussions will help finalize our network design to support our relationship with Omnipoint Technology. We are building the core of our web hosting, connectivity, SaaS, and IPTV complex asset resources.

In 2013 we began attending the Georgia Conference of Black Mayors conferences as an IT service provider sponsor. We developed a prototype program called GCBM Technology Assistance Program (GTAP).  We are restarting the relationship on different terms. Calvin Vismale and Rodney Littles will manage and rebuild the working relationship. Both are active in various political and business association circles. Georgia has the largest number of African American Mayors in the USA.

GCBM wants to use a private label version of our Vital Technology Assistance Program (VTAP) Intellectual property to provide services to rural communities. The Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce referred GCBM to us. GCBM is pursuing a contract with the US Department of Agriculture. USDA will manage the rural broadband infrastructure program disbursements. Mayor Burns established a working relationship with the USDA Regional Director when he was Mayor of Washington, Georgia.

Here is the link to the document that outlines our relationship with GCBM and the deployment of GTAP.!AimnJOqRdEb6gfJzzetlT3dd4btBig.

Here is the framework for the Vital Technology Assistance Program ©

Kelly Mallory shared an article about a recent transaction by a private equity fund that acquired a large number of assets of the entity formerly known as Century Link. We shared this information with William Coleman and the representative with whom we are discussing our second and third rounds of capital totaling $165,000,000. The objective is to acquire assets that match our Market Map and Audience Profile identified in our business plan. 

Two weeks prior Wide Open West (WOW) sold 5 markets they owned for 1.6 billion dollars with a similar configuration and audience value. This information is useful in our conversations with the representative of the investment advisory firm.