Marketing, Operations, and Capital Solicitation Update


Marketing and Commercial Operations

  • We signed the Wholesale Master Service Agreement with SBA Communications for proprietary and third-party Edge Computing Network Operations Centers and Service Distribution. 
  • The Wholesale Master Service Agreement with SBA Communications for proprietary and third-party wireless connectivity or internet and  IPTV is pending until next week when we speak with the wireless division. 
  • We signed the Wholesale Master Service Agreement with Uniti Fiber for proprietary and third-party business-to-business fiber connectivity sales and marketing nationwide this week.
  • We signed the Wholesale National Content Publisher Distribution Agreement with MWareTV this week. There are no geographical limitations within the USA governing content distribution.
  • We have completed our Federal Communications Commission registration. The registration will go live when we turn on our Broadband and Distance Learning services.
  • We have a baseline of 10,000 licenses for distance learning using our relationship with BlueJeans, a subsidiary of Verizon.
  • Our advertising and marketing partner, Spectrum Reach, completed our comprehensive marketing plan and research report for business-to-business marketing activities, which overlays our consumer outreach program. We will receive the final report Monday, 9-13-2021.
  • We will finalize our Vital-Telecom Consulting Group business-to-business national sales agent agreement this week. Our agreement with TCG-Partners covers all our subsidiaries' sales and their commercial products and services.
  • We will begin distributing the subsidiary business plans with price books next week.  

Sales, Marketing, and Capital Solicitation

  • We had preliminary discussions with a Certified Financial Planner (CFPs) from a national advisory franchise. We requested his review in hopes of earning his recommendation for our investment profile for the Seed Round capital solicitation.  His review will aid our Seed Round capital solicitation. If successful, he will share our investment profile with his associates and their customers to participate in our Seed Round capital solicitation. 

  • Our deal with Omnipoint had an exclusivity clause for Seed Round funding. Before Omnipoint, we planned to use relationships with the Certified Financial Planners and Registered Investment Advisors (RAs) to market our capital solicitation. Hence, it was relatively easy to restart these discussions this week. 

  • We are reviewing the following fastest path to revenue commercial opportunities while resurrecting our growth through acquisition strategy. We will update next week after discussions with Watson Cable, TopRight Advertising, CFPs, and RAs. 

    • We have proposed Joint Ventures with UnitiFiber and SBA Communications in the government and education sectors, and

    • We will pursue Sub-contracting opportunities with Uniti Fiber and SBA Communications.

Financial Accounting and Capital Solicitation

  • We restarted discussions with Thompson and Company of New York to provide Accounting reviews of our Angel Investment Request, our Seed Round, and subsequent Business Development capital solicitations, which require opinions. We should have a quote for all services by Wednesday, 09-15-21.
  • Sabre Financial is in place to design our internal financial system and compliance system. We are in discussions with individuals to step in as VP Finance-Controller for Vital Inc. 
  • We have received the e-Commerce documentation from Ascentium Capital, a subsidiary of Regions Bank. The Ascentium Capital relationship gives us the capacity to provide purchase and lease financing to support commercial customers' Vital I-Net and Vital Managed Services purchases. Our end-to-end e-commerce capacity is a significant part of our business-to-business marketing efforts discussed above. 
  • The Elite Group will give us access to their portal. The use of the portal will allow us to prepare our financial analysis and projections in a manner tailored to the eyes of Private Equity investors and Venture Capitalists. 

Financial Projections Revisions

  • We have completed the preliminary after-tax aspect of our acquisition strategies and the tax liabilities affecting the sellers and our potential investors.
    • The net financial benefit or loss to a seller is significant depending on the seller's non-financial organization:  
      • a corporation,
      • a limited partnership,
      •  limited liability corporations.
    • Considering this non-financial element in our asset purchase agreements make our offers to purchase superior. 
    • There are long-term benefits and liabilities for Vital and our investors in our asset purchase agreements when the non-financial organization of the seller is built into our acquisition and business plan. 
  • We will have the revisions completed by Tuesday, 09-14-21, and will provide a summary information post at that time.